Saturday, May 14, 2005

Russ nude (naken russ)

VG, Norway's most read "newspaper", today writes that "Folk vil ha nakenruss" ("People want naked russ"). A more accurate headline would be "VG wants to write about naked russ".

As mentioned before, in Norway people celebrate the end of 12 years of schooling by having an orgy of alcohol, nudity and sex, at least according to the newspapers. From the point of view of the youths themselves, there is also some friendship and normal social life involved, and rather less nudity and sex, at least.

The latest orgy of newspaper reporting has to do with three incidents. The first, a few weeks ago, occured when a female russ stripped off all her clothes in front of her fellow russ, in an attempt to be elected "russepresident". This incident has let VG write several articles involving their favorite words - "nude" and "russ".

The second was that Randabergrussen (the russ from Randaberg) published a few pictures of russ having sex. VG chose to write about it but not to publish the pictures. That was a good idea, as that let them write another article today, to say that (surprise!) lots of Norwegian searched for the pictures on the net. (As far as I know the pictures were quite innocent. So innocent, in fact, that I certainly do not break any rules by reposting "the worst" of them here...)

The third incident involved a photo of a russ girl wearing nothing.

What would VG write about if they didn't have these important news to bring us? I don't know. Well, there's always John Obi Mikel as well, of course...

(Se also previous article.)


  1. Anonymous04:07

    The famous Russevideo is availiable on second article. "Naken Russ" is best in May :)

  2. where can I find myself a nice Norwegian russ boy???? LOL

  3. Anonymous17:34

    ur fuking stupid

  4. Haha, Anonymous. Nothing signifies intelligence more than being able to create the phrase "ur fuking stupid"... :-)