Saturday, November 18, 2006

Norway's most sexy men

The magazine Elle has tried to decide who are Norway's most sexy men. Unsurprisingly, I'm still not on the list. More surprisingly, neither is my boyfriend! (I take comfort that such rankings tend to include only well-known men, just as American rankings of the world's most sexy men tend to include only English-speaking guys...) :-)

Here's the list:
1. Anders Danielsen Lie

2. Henrik Bjørnstad

3. Freddy Dos Santos

4. Bobbie Peers

5. Mathias Faldbakken

Open to debate, surely. And most debated of all is putting Endre Midtstigen at no. 14. Did I mention that he is the brother of one of the editors of Elle? Well, in my mind the main problem of this list (apart from the thing that making such a list is silly in the first place) is that Elle has equalled fame with being sexy. But maybe women think that way?

Here's the 2004 list, by the way.
1. Trond Espen Seim

2. Magne Furuholmen

3. Andreas Thorkildsen

4. Jon Almås

5. Hassan el Fakiri

6. Christian Skolmen

7. Mathias Faldbakken

8. David Hansen

9. Arnulf Refsnes

10. Kristopher Schau

11. Mads Ousdal

12. Theodor Synnestvedt

13. Nikki Butenschøn

14. Erik Faber, popstjerne

15. Nicolai Cleve-Broch

16. Thomas Dybdahl


  1. zocalo10:16

    Ew, some of these men are downright UGLY! I read this blog entry with anticipation since I do think Norwegians are hot, but these men are not! The only one that stands out for me is Andreas Thorkildsen. Must google him now...

  2. I agree. I could easily have made a list of 20 Norwegians that are hotter than these... Sorry to have cheated you into looking at these "ugly" men... :-)

  3. Anonymous19:49

    I personally think the Crown Prince of Norway is
    handsome and sexy!

  4. Anonymous15:00

    norway's got some sexy men!! ooo yaaa

  5. Erin02:08

    Ummmmmm. #4 Freddy. I'm going to masturbate to your picture tonight. lol

  6. SANDY03:17

    Erik Faber is hardly ugly **rolls eyes**

  7. lovenorskboys23:08

    i love boys from norway! but where is bjorn einar romoren?

  8. Anonymous21:11

    Hi! As a woman, I don't think we equate fame with sexiness. However, the point of these lists isn't REALLY to find who the sexiest men are, but instead it's to, 1) give us eye candy, 2) give us eye candy we can gossip about with each other. I mean, sure, each woman probably has her own "list" but maybe it includes men like "that guy who I was working at cash register 14 at the grocery store yesterday." Which is fine, but how can you compare your tastes to your friends then? Maybe they've never seen this guy and don't know who you're talking about. It's no fun then. :-) So, I think that's why these lists are always famous people ... so that we can talk to each other about just how hot these guys are/aren't.

  9. Anonymous11:44

    Magne Furuholmen is delicious. Also.. Arnulf Refsnes is absolutely beautiful.. WOW, I also agree that the Crown Prince is dashingly handsome!


  10. Anonymous00:27

    Surely you can't have a list of hot Norwegians without Per Ciljan Skjelbred, and he is only one of so many.

  11. I agree - such a list without Per Ciljan is just plain silly...

  12. i would suggest andreas viestad, is he well known in norway? he has a cooking show i sometimes see, and he just comes off as having a really cute personality, and maybe it's the way foreign shows are..but it seems unusually honest, he admitted he overcooked a sauce he was pouring. hehe.

    i have no interaction with norway, but at a party once, a lesbian told me that i looked just like an ex fiance who was norwegian. i thought it strange since i'm an asian from hawaii, now living in chicago. :)

  13. Rachel07:30

    ???? What about Simen Hestnaes, Kristian Espedal. They should have had some Sexy Viking/Black Metal men on there. Some of us like REAL men.

    1. Anonymous17:32

      @rachel, I agree please include some sexy Viking/Black Metal men oohh lala!

  14. Anonymous23:19

    Don't forget our cute politicians. FrP's Knut Arild Hareide and SV's Audun Lysbakken

  15. Anonymous02:01

    Why aren;t there any dedicated viking porn sites, for women, some of those big tall strapping chaps are hot!..its not fair I want a handsome viking,=...

    1. Anonymous17:33

      That is really great idea , something that I really would sign up and pay for !

  16. Anonymous15:45

    what about Thor Hushovd? Sex on legs or should that be a bike?!

  17. Maria03:21

    Come on now !!!

    U guys can do better than these.

    My chimpanzee has better looks.

  18. Anonymous21:47

    Nah !!!

    Norwegian's are those guys with long golden hair n blue eyes

    wtf is this ???

  19. Anonymous23:14

    NO WAY, those guys are not sexy at all. I have seen better Norwegian men.

  20. I see that Norwegians are really UGLY. haha, what blind gave them 'beautiful' title?