Friday, March 31, 2006

Playing with sand

Playing with sand
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And while surfing flickr for nice pics, I found this which (again) makes me remember how much I look forward to the summer. Yes, I know that snow and ice are supposed to be very exotic, but I'd give it up for sand and sea any day...


Okay, I had nothing important to do on a Friday night, so I watched "Idol". Finally, we are far enough into the competition that it's not painful to watch. And interestingly, one of the contestants look a lot like Rupert Graves, my favorite actor from my favorite movie "A room with a view". Or am I imagining things?

Aleksander Denstad With

Rupert Graves

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Oslo City Hall

Oslo City Hall
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Still another Oslo photo from flickr - here's a photo from Oslo City Hall. It is a great piece of architecture - and the decorations inside is great. This is where the Nobel Peace Price is ahnded out, by the way...

Monday, March 27, 2006

Norwegian bishop gets well after psychological help

A Norwegian bishop, Ole Christian Kvarme, has been heavily critizised this last week for suggesting that gays may get help from psychologists to get over their sexual orientation.

The minister for church affairs quickly said that the bishop's opinions were irresponsible, and a Norwegian MP offered to pay the bishop's psychology bills so that he could overcome his homophobia. Luckily, even the hint of this helped - today, Kvarme is sorry for what he said: "No matter which opinion one may have of gays living together, gays should be accepted and respected for their identity," he suddenly says.

Which probably means that I can stop praying for him. That's good, as I never really managed to decide which god to pray to - I don't know which god is best at curing homophobia.


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And while I'm on flickr, I would like to continue my shameless promotion of my own pics. And since it will be Easter soon, I pick this one: a picture from the Easter of 2003, when I was in Montreal - St. Joseph's Oratory, to be exact. I like this statue and the ceiling above it, even though I don't like much of what the Catholic church stands for...

While I was in Montreal, robbers entered my apartment in Alta and stole lots of my belongings, by the way. But I'm just glad I was not at home...


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When browsing flickr for more photos from Oslo, I found this one of the Norwegian parliament with people demonstrating for democracy in Belarus in front of it.

This was taken this weekend, I guess - since that, there have been more snow...

Movie: Brokeback Mountain

Okay, I finally got my act together - I went to see Brokeback Mountain. My expectations were high - I expected one of the best experiences of my movie-going life. And the movie was great - although far short of my most optimistic hopes.

One great thing about the movie is the way it shows that homophobia is bad for everyone - not just for the people who have to try to live a life they never wanted, but also for their families, who have to face the fact that they are really just a cover and a substitute. Homophobia never made anyone happy.

And of course it IS wonderful that we have finally got so far that such a movie can get the credit it deserves - even though we have not got so far that it will get the credit it deserves without a lot of fuss about it's so-called "controversial" message.

The acting is good, some of the scenery is breathtaking, the directing is great and all in all it's probably one of the best movies I'll see this year. But it's not the best one in my life...

Oops, this last one is from Bareback Mountain.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

"You don't have to be this tough"

Bend It Like A Banana has a great public service ad video on his blog. It's an ad for the Norwegian "Ungdomstelefonen", a phone service for gay youth who need to talk to someone. Check it out, it's great!

(I've been showing it to several groups of students to illustrate the concept of heteronormativity. It works well...)

Friday, March 10, 2006

Straight men hunt men on the net

Aftenposten writes in a headline today that "Straight men seek men on the net".

"The Internet has become an 'erotic oasis' for sexual experimentation, where heterosexual men hunt other men. A recent Ph.D. thesis shows that 10 percent of the men that are interviewed, who all report to be straight, have had cybersex with other men."

The results are reported in "Typing, Doing and Being - A study of Men who have Sex with Men and Sexuality on the Internet" by Michael W. Ross.

"The men he has interviewed said that they were willing to push their boundaries further in cyberspace than in real life."

This is no big surprise, of course, but I think it is strange if this is supposed to tell us anything about the internet. What it really tells us something about is the powerful stigma that are attached to gay sex in "real life", and which still makes lots of people avoid doing what they really want to, for several sad reasons.