Sunday, May 28, 2006

WCGG: Ecuador

Soccer World Cup Guide for Gays:

Legality of sexual activity:
Same-sex male: legal
Same-sex female: legal
Partnership recognition: no
Anti-discrimination laws: yes
(Source: World Legal Survey and others.)

FIFA ranking: 39

Players to watch:
3. Ivan Hurtado

9.Felix Borja

10. Ivan Kaviedes

19. Luis Saritama

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Costa Rica

WCGG: Poland

Soccer World Cup Guide for Gays:

Legality of sexual activity:
Same-sex male: legal
Same-sex female: legal
Partnership recognition: no
Anti-discrimination laws: in theory
(Source: World Legal Survey and others.)

FIFA ranking: 28

Players to watch:
14. Michal Zewlakow

15. Ebi Smolarek

19. Damian Gorawski

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Costa Rica

WCGG: Costa Rica

Soccer World Cup Guide for Gays:

Legality of sexual activity:
Same-sex male: legal
Same-sex female: legal
Partnership recognition: no
Anti-discrimination laws: no
(Source: World Legal Survey and others.)

FIFA ranking: 26

Players to watch:
4. Michael Umana

17. Gabriel Badilla

23. Wardy Alfaro

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WCGG: Germany

In this World Cup Guide for Gays (WCGG), I will look at the Soccer World Cup 2006 participants from a gay perspective - looking at both the situation for gays in the country and - more for fun - at the players to watch.

I start with the host country:


Legality of sexual activity:
Same-sex male: legal
Same-sex female: legal
Partnership recognition: no
Anti-discrimination laws: no (on the federal level)
(Source: World Legal Survey.)

FIFA ranking: 19

Players to watch:
2. Marcell Jansen

3. Arne Friedrich

5. Sebastian Kehl

13. Michael Ballack

20. Lukas Podolski

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Stop Aids! (with nudity)

A Swiss (!) campaign to stop aids has raised eyebrows and (I hope) consciousness about Aids in that beautiful country.

The eyebrowraising thing is - as always - nudity.

Would you play ice hockey without protection? No? So why have sex without protection?

Great idea.

Monday, May 15, 2006


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I admit that I at times take photos without knowing exactly why. This is one of the photos I took in Frankfurt a few weeks ago. It was a huge pile of stones to be used for tiles in the road, but at the moment they were a lot more chaotic...

Saturday, May 13, 2006


Just a little posting to mark that my blogs have now had 60,000 hits.

Just for fun: here are the search words that has sent most traffic to my blogs so far in 2006:
1. "john obi mikel", "obi mikel", "jon obi mikel", "john obi mikel profile" 367
2. "naken+russ", "nakenruss", "russ+nude" 218
3. "bjørn+smestad", "bjornsmestad", "bjørn smestad", "bjorn smestad", "bjorn+smestad" 111
4. "kristian kjelling", "kjelling" 64
5. "bjorn+andresen", "bjorn andresen" 49
6. "john andresen", "john+andresen" 32
7. "rupert graves", "rupert+graves" 26
8. "zarbin" 24
9. "norwegian gay blog", "norwegian+gay+blog" 21
10. "naked+footballers" 16
11. "nudity" 15
12. "ingo+franz"+model 13
13. "randabergrussen" 13
14. "nude" 12
15. "ygranes" 12
16. "juicygoo" 10

It seems that my postings on art are largely ignored...


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As mentioned before, I've decided to sponsor a child through Plan. The child in question is a boy in Chadiza, Zambia. Plan's guidelines forbids (sensibly) to put personal information about the child on the net, so I will refrain from that.

Sponsoring a child from Zambia made me a bit interested in the country, and found this picture on Flickr. Nice country, isn't it?

(No, I don't think all of Zambia looks exactly like this...)

Cute photo...

...while surfing Flickr, I came across this cute photo, with the interesting title "ten bucks says this gets stolen by a gay porn site". Well, maybe putting it in my blog will help the chances of getting there... :-)

Sunday, May 07, 2006

"Hottest Football Stud"

While waiting for the World Cup in just a little over 30 days, Digital Spy is one of several sources telling me that Attitude magazine has named Fredrik Ljungberg 'Hottest Football Stud' for the second year in a row.

The rest of the list looks like this:

2. Joe Cole

3. Steven Gerrard

4. Christiano Ronaldo

5. Ashley Cole

6. David Bentley
7. David Beckham

8. Alan Smith

9. Cesc Fabregas
10. James McFadden

The Euro under construction

The Euro under construction
Originally uploaded by BjørnS.
This, however, is one of many new photos I have posted from my trip to Germany. It seems the Euro is still under construction...

Man's New Best Friend 2

Mans New Best Friend 2
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Browsing on flickr for all sorts of things, I came across this photo of a statue. It's called "Man's best friend", but I have a feeling that it should rather have been called "Dog's best friend"...

Das Städel, Frankfurt

I've been to Germany for a week, so I haven't updated this blog. (Instead I've been updating my maths blog).

I spent one day in Frankfurt, and was extremely lucky, as this was the one day in the year when all museums were open from 19-2 in addition to their usual opening hours. This meant I got to see eight museums in 24 hours...

The main museum for me, though, was Das Städel, and the visit there what I will write about in this blog. They had lots of interesting paintings, but these are my favorites:

Auguste Renoir: La fin du déjeuner (1879)

What a care-free existence, with everything floating and transparent. What an impression works like these must once have made, with the flowers in the background just unfocused blots. Soft and wonderful!

Edgar Degas: Die Orchestermusiker (1870-6)

Very interesting use of contrasts and a very interesting history of how Degas took the painting back and added the upper part - which now seems essential... (A good example of how the history of the painting contributes to the experience of the painting.)

Claude Monet: Häuser am Ufer der Zaan (1871-72)

I don't know if this is in any way an important painting, I just know I find the colors and the reflection beautiful...

Unknown artist: Das Paradiesgärtlein (1400s)

This is one of my favorite paintings to show lack of correct perspective. It is surprisingly small and with lovely botanical details.

Meister von Flémalle: Trinität (1400s)

A wonderful painting (left above) of the father, the son and the spirit, in the form of a stone sculpture. As the other paintings created with it, this is a very expressive painting with impressive details.

Max Beckmann: Die Synagoge in Frankfurt a. M. (1919)

An impressive depiction of a world gone mad and a wonderful use of "wrong" perspective.

Alexander Calder: Red Lily (1950)

Having spent almost two hours in a gallery where every effort is made to prevent people from making any impact on the works (as in any gallery), it is interesting to see this work, which is designated to be changed by the movement of the air created by viewers passing. I blew some air in its direction, and it moved, while the Degas, the Monet and the Renoir will be exactly the same after my visit as they were before.

Have I changed, by the way? Have visiting this museum had any effect? Certainly, there are hundreds of paintings worth millions of dollars/euros, which has had no effect on me whatsoever. And then there are a few which I will remember with pleasure.

It is a nice museum. And the audio guide is ok, although there are far fewer works covered by the English version then by the German one.

(One more work of art I want to mention from the eight museums, is Pierre Bismuth's "The Jungle Book Project" in Museum of Modern Art, in which the artist has edited lots of local versions of "The Jungle Book" so that all the characters speak different languages. (The artwork is the full movie, but with edited soundtrack.) That's cute. It also makes one question once again what is art and who is the artist...)

See my index on other of my postings on art galleries.