Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Carlsen - Aronian

The qualification games for the world championship are going on in Elista, and there is an official site which is working ok. Magnus' position is getting much better now - he lost his first game with white, which could be a disaster, but after making a quick draw with black in round two, he won today's game impressively (with white). This means that the score is 1,5-1,5 and with another draw with black will, they will be really even. It's great fun that Magnus is giving Aronian a fight!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sad marriages

Finally, the governing parties in Norway have done what they promised when elected two years ago: put forward proposals for a new marriage law that will not discriminate against gays. The proposal seems set to get a majority in the parliament, so that the first gay marriages will happen in 2008. (Today, Norway has a law of "registered partnerships", which are different from marriages in a few ways.)

The most interesting part of the debate on this proposal is straight people saying that such a law will decrease the value and significance of their own marriages. It must be sad to have a marriage that is so vulnerable - that the value of the marriage is prone to decrease just by a small change in the law. I pity those straights that are in this situation.

Happily, for most married people, the value of their marriage is very high - and totally independent of the number of other people being married...

Monday, May 07, 2007

Paris Hilton gets to try more "simple life"

Celebrity Paris Hilton is really funny. Now, she says that her prison sentence for drunk driving (and now driving on a suspended licence - and without headlights) is "cruel".

She should have good chances of avoiding jail then, as the American constitution does not accept "cruel and unusual punishment".

On the other hand - she is also living in a country that thinks everything going on at Guantanamo is quite ok... And that the electic chair is not cruel. I'm afraid she will have to prepare for the worst...
clipped from today.reuters.com

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - In her first public comments since a prison sentence, celebrity heiress and reality TV star Paris Hilton has described her 45-day jail term for a driving related offense as cruel and unwarranted.

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Sarkozy president

France was faced with a difficult choice. They could choose Nicolas Sarkozy, who is likely to be able to reform France's terrible economy and give new hope to the jobless - or Ségolène Royal, who has far less credibility when it comes to economic reforms, but who has a stronger position on minority issues, such as gay rights.

By choosing Sarkozy, French voters would also secure their nation's first president whose father was an immigrant - by choosing Royal, they would get their first female president.

On the balance, I think France did the right thing by electing Sarkozy. Too many of France's problems are rooted in the terrible economic policies of many years. However, they need to do the same in the elections for parliament this summer - the worst thing France could get now is a gridlock.

Spencer Tunick in Mexico City

Spencer Tunick travels from country to country to photograph masses of people in the nude. Here's the newest photo shoot from Mexico City. This time, 18,000 people took part.

clipped from www.dagbladet.no
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