Monday, November 26, 2007

Norway in South Africa 2010?

The draw for the 2010 World Championship is over, and Norway will face The Netherlands, Scotland, Macedonia and Iceland. Based on the current rankings, Norway will be third of course, but there is always hope of something better... (Only the winners of each group go directly to the World Championship, second place only gives an opportunity for a play-off.)

As the matches will not start for another nine months or so, the newspapers are desperate to find something to report on. Dagbladet has interviewed Erik Nevland, a Norwegian who plays soccer in Groningen - he reports that his Dutch team mates think (as almost anyone else in the world) that Norway will be an easy match in this qualification. Well, we'll see.

Erik Nevland

Art and history: Oslo by Night

Today, there was a very special art event in Oslo. The opening of the "window exhibition" of the video artwork "Oslo by Night" marks the 65th anniversary of the darkest hour of Norwegian history. On November 26th, 1942, no less than 532 Norwegian jews were collected in their homes, taken to the ship Donau and on to Auschwitz. Only 11 of them returned. The arrests were performed by German and Norwegian officials.

In the original artwork, which is in The Museum of Contemporary Art, the artist has put stars on a map of Oslo - one star for every home in which a Jew was arrested. In the video version, there is still one star for every home, but the background changes slowly - one moment, it is clearly a map of Norway, in another, it looks more like a starry night.

The words "window exhibition" means that the artwork can be seen from the pavement outside the museum, by art lovers and everybody else - just as the topic is relevant for everyone.

The question always present is this: how many Norwegians today would "follow orders" if there was another situation of a government trying to kill. How much has history taught us?

Movie: Dimitrijs spor

This documentary film tells the story of Dmitrij, a Russian prisoner of war, who managed to escape from the German forces in Norway in 1944, and of how the locals tried to keep him from being discovered.

Although an amateur movie, it is quite professionally done. The story is especially interesting for me, as my mother was among the people being awakened in the morning of December 25th, 1944, as German soldiers searched houses in an effort to find Dimitrij and his comrades.

Good work!

Dimitrijs spor (2007)
Directed by Lars Kristian Singelstad

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Shutter Magazine #4

John Andresen, famous for his photos of nude, Norwegian men, often athletes, are out with issue number 4 of his Shutter Magazine. Among the nude models are track and field athletes Quincy Douglas and Lars Halvard Grimsrud, skier Chris Refsnes and wrestler Timann Schwamborn. Worth a look... (and ALMOST "safe for work" - at least no full frontal nudity.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Norway's 33 most sexy men

Elle Magazine has published a list of what they regard as Norway's 33 most sexy men, according to VG. The "winner" is Thorstein Helstad, footballer for Brann, the winners of the Norwegian series this year. But don't worry, it's not true that he is really the best that Norway can offer - have a look at the whole list:

1. Thorstein Helstad (30) Footballer

2. Crown Prince Haakon (34)

3. Trond Espen Seim (36) Actor

4. John Carew (28) Footballer

5. Andreas Ygre Wiig (26) Snowboarder
6. Aksel Lund Svindal (24) Alpine skier
7. Fredrik Saroea (30) Musician
8. Mads Ousdal (37) Actor
9. Theodor Synnestvedt (29) Model

10. Magne Furuholmen (45) Musician
11. Espen Klouman Høiner (26) Actor
12. Mathias Faldbakken (34) Artist and author
13. Nicolai Cleve Broch (32) Actor

14. Magnus Moan (24) Athlete
15. Thorbjørn Harr (33) Actor

16. Petter Northug (21) Athlete

17. Freddy Dos Santos (31) Footballer
18. Sebastian Stigar (17) Actor
19. Christian Skolmen (37) Actor
20. Kåre Magnus Bergh (29) TV show host
21. Aslak Nore (29) Author and journalist
22. Fredrik Lund (35) Businessman
23. Jens Stoltenberg (48) Prime minister
24. Even Wetten (25) Speed skater

25. Adil Thathaal (24) Dancer

26. Ådne Meisfjord (24) Musician
27. Oddmund Vaagsholm (27) Author, journalist and footballer
28. Chirag Rashmikant Patel (23) Rapper
29. Audun Lysbakken (30) Politician
30. Tore Reda Frisholm (24) Model
31. Tshawe Baqua (27) Dancer and rapper
32. Joachim Ekeli (36) Animal sitter
33. Anders Danielsen Lie (28) Actor and author

Well, that's it. But dear Elle, what about Per Ciljan Skjelbred?

or Bjørn Einar Romøren?

or Kristian Kjelling?

or ... The list goes on and on...

Monday, November 19, 2007

New comic show on Norwegian TV

Norway's comic favorites "Ylvis" has a new tv show. It premiered tonight, and the concept is simple: they visit interesting Norwegians in a humorous, but respectful, way. In the first show, they visited a shaman, a guy with a tights fetish, a guy who has two Thai temples in his house, and a couple at a nudist resort. I'm looking forward to the next episodes!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nude Harry Potter?

The Himalayan Times writes (no, since you ask, I never thought I would quote The Himalayan Times):

"JK Rowling is so impressed by Daniel Radcliffe's nude scenes in 'Equus' that she is tempted to see him strip off for the next instalment of the boy wizard franchise."

"Radcliffe said that after seeing the West End show, Rowling came backstage to tell him that he was going to be naked all the time in the next Potter film.
"When Jo came to see me in Equus she popped backstage afterwards and told me: 'In the next film, Harry's going to be naked all of the time!'""

Well, I guess she should have thought of that before writing all those thick books without nudity...

The really interesting thing about the article, however, is that there are plans of bringing the production of Equus to Broadway. Good for them.

Sexiest (English-speaking) man alive award

People Magazine has, again, decided on who are the sexiest men alive.

The list:
1. Matt Damon

2. Patrick Dempsey
3. Ryan Reynolds
4. Brad Pitt

5. James McAvoy
6. Johnny Depp

7. Dave Annable
8. Will Smith
9. Javier Bardem
10. Shemar Moore

11. Ben Affleck
12. Adrian Grenier

13. Will Yun Lee
14. Justin Timberlake

As usual, People has an English fetish. Even though such a large percentage of the world's population don't speak English, almost all on this list are native English speakers, due to People Magazine getting horny just by hearing the English language. Which is also, of course, why I'm not on the list.

A cute little ad...

(Thanks to Put 'em all on an island.)

Ailo Gaup world champion

Norwegian FMX athlete Ailo Gaup secured the FMX world championship yesterday. In a TV show recently, he admitted to being afraid of heights...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Jakovenko - Carlsen

After drawing the first two games of the Tal Memorial, Magnus had his big chance of a win with black today, when he met 10th seed (of 10) Dmitry Jakovenko. (Magnus is 9th seed.)

Jakovenko never got in control of the game, and after a few imprecice moves, Magnus was better. But the decicion came in move 32, when Magnus was faced with this position:

Magnus decided to give away his bishop: 32. ... Bxc4. 33. Bxc4 would be answered by 33. ... Rd2, so Jakovenko tried 33. Qxc4 Qf4+ 34. Rg3 Rxd5 35. Qxd5 Rxd5 36. exd5. With a queen against two rooks, of which one rook was parked in g3, Magnus was able to march in with the c pawn. 0-1

This was apparently Magnus' first ever win in the Tal Memorial. 2 points after 3 games - 2 of which with black and one of which against Kramnik, that's pretty solid.

(Diagram made using Online Chess Diagram Editor)

Airport security = nudity?

Aftenposten writes about the new system - which is already in operation at Schiphol in Holland, apparently, by which the security personell can "see through" your clothes, to see if there are anything of interest there...

Today, Georg Apenes of Norway's privacy protection agency (Datatilsynet) attacks the plans to put such equipment to use in Norway. Two questions can be asked: Is there really any need to beef up airport security even more, while security in trains and boats are virtually non-existent? And: how can I get a job controlling such a scanner?

These two questions point to another interesting aspect of this: the only reason this case gets attention (while lots of others where privacy is thrown out the window because of the "war" on "terror"), is that the newspapers can use the title "They wanna see YOU NAKED!"

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Coca-Cola and Disney give in to religious fundamentalists

Norway's number 2 broadcaster, TV2, has a new humour show called "The seven deadly sins". The Christian-fundamentalist newspaper Norge idag doesn't like the show, and have asked for a boycott of the firms who advertise in the advertising slots during the program.

Surprisingly, both Disney and Coca-Cola Company caved in immediately. Coca-Cola's Solfrid Flateby says that the important thing for them is that some customers have said that they are offended by the program. Disney does not give an explanation in their interview with Norge idag.

This is serious. If big companies withdraw their advertising the moment someone says they have been "offended", we are in big trouble. Instead of switching to another channel to avoid being offended, the fundamentalists want the big companies to edit the programs for them. This should not be accepted.

Needless to say, there have been lots of reactions after these cave-ins. The people discussing in Dagbladet's discussion groups, are furious. There can be no doubt that there are far more people who are offended by Coca-Cola and Disney's spineless behaviour than therre are people offended by the humour in the show.

So maybe Coca-Cola and Disney will face problems in the Norwegian markets - unless they actually believe that Christian fundamentalists are some of their core customers...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Valencia - Rosenborg 0-2

Just a little note to mention that Norway's no. 5 team just beat Valencia 2-0 after two goals by Steffen Iversen.

(A few weeks ago, Rosenborg beat Valencia 2-0 at home as well... Rosenborg fired their coach their next day. Does that mean that the new coach is now in trouble as well?)

Per Ciljan Skjelbred also played well today, according to the radio reports.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Movie: Match Point

I've seen 22 of Woody Allen's movies before, so I'm supposed to know what I'll get. Maybe some of my problem with this one was to adjust and realize that it would be nothing like the 22 earlier ones...

While most other Woody Allen movies are witty, "Match Point" is nothing of the kind. It is dead serious. And the claim it investigates, is that luck is much more important than skill in life. And while the beginning is quite slow, the story is engaging, and the last 20 minutes both interesting and thought-provoking.

However, all in all, I'm disappointed. Woody Allen has given me so many great cinematic experiences, so I expect more.

Match Point (1995)
Directed by Woody Allen

Main actor:
Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Chris Wilton
Matthew Goode as Tom Hewett
Emily Mortimer as Chloe Hewett Wilton
Scarlett Johansson as Nola Rice

Saturday, November 03, 2007

More nude sports

"ManShow", the Norwegian TV show, keeps testing different sports to see which are most suitable for nudity. Here's discus, gymnastics, hockey and pool.