Monday, July 06, 2009

Roskilde nude run 2009

Every year, the Nude Run at Roskilde arouses big interest in the newspapers. This year's run was no exception.

VG wrote about some Norwegian participants this year,

Dagbladet also has a few more photos and a video.

BT has video, as has Roskilde's official pages.

Ekstrabladet also writes an article, and has a huge gallery of photos from the nude run.

Any more sources you've seen?

Roskilde Nude Run 2008


  1. About sources: something happened with - google has a lot of links to huge gallery on this site, but site is unavailable now.

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  4. Anonymous22:19

    Hi Bjørn,
    Do you have to have a roskilde ticket to see the run? Is it possible to buy a ticket just for the race? I tried to search the homepage of Roskilde but there is noi information about tickets except that they would be sold from 1st Dec.
    Actually I am planning my summer vacation in scandinavia and i wont be able to attend all of the concerts. And I think this race deserves to be watched at least once.

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