Sunday, August 23, 2009

Oslo's main nude beach

If you are a tourist visiting Oslo in summer, you may want to know where the nude beaches are. There are several. The main one is the one at Huk at the peninsula Bygdøy. It is really easy to get there by taking the 31 bus from the centre of town all the way to the end. Then, you only have to choose the right path from there.

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The place has both a sandy beach and good grassy areas - also with shadows from trees for those afternoons when you have brought too little sunscreen.

The beach also has the advantage of being less crowded than the nearby textile beach.


There are other nude beaches in Oslo as well, including one at Langøyene and a gay nude beach on Bygdøy. But details on these will be left for another post.


  1. Fint bilde!

    Og ei fin strand å bade og sole seg på. Kanskje jeg ser deg der en gang?

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