Saturday, July 03, 2010

Roskilde nude run 2010

As is the tradition, media took much interest in the Roskilde nude run this year as well. VG shows a video of the naked contestants, Ekstrabladet has both a video and a slide show (as has Dagbladet, while the Roskilde festival website has some photos here and there.

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(as you see, it's also become a tradition to mention the nude run in this blog...)


  1. Samantha00:59

    After having had a look at the pictures, i'm glad i wasn't there. Where do they find these less than attractive people?

  2. Anonymous20:04

    Disagree. There seems to be a lot of beautiful young bodies of both genders. Nice post Smestad, you really do have a tradition here. :D Keep going the same way.

  3. Healthy and normal young people. Playboy is not the truth. :)

  4. Anonymous22:23

    Hi Bjørn,
    Do you have to have a roskilde ticket to see the run? Is it possible to buy a ticket just for the race? I tried to search the homepage of Roskilde but there is noi information about tickets except that they would be sold from 1st Dec.
    Actually I am planning my summer vacation in scandinavia and i wont be able to attend all of the concerts. And I think this race deserves to be watched at least once.

  5. I don't know for sure, but I suppose you need a ticket to the whole festival.

  6. Anonymous01:13

    Thanks Bjørn :-)