Saturday, May 28, 2011

10 best games for iPad

Yes, I love playing games. And the iPad has the advantage of always being around when I'm bored and want to play - in hotel rooms, at airports or on the couch. And after having my iPad for a few months, I start to know which games I prefer. So here's my current ranking of my ten favorite iPad games:

1. Fifa 11
Yes, I've been playing soccer for years - on the computer. And I really like to play soccer on the iPad as well. Of course the graphics are not as good as on the newer Playstation versions, but I played International Soccer on the Commodore 64 in the mid 80s, so I think Fifa 11 is just fine. And deserves 1st place.

2. Super StickMan Golf
At the moment, SSG is the game I'm playing the most. It is a golf game, but actually more of a strategy game where you have different tools to get to the hole. And those of us who don't want to spend too much money on a game, get the pleasure of earning new courses and tools as we go along. The reward system is half the fun.

3. Wordfeud
Wordfeud is as close as you can get to Scrabble on the iPad - without actually buying the official Scrabble game that is inferior in important ways (for instance, it does not support Norwegian, as far as I know). The best thing about Wordfeud, though, is that you can play as many games as you want at the same time. So who cares if your competitor calls it a night and goes to bed - there will always be another game where it's your turn. The game is also available for Android.

4. Harbor Master
I haven't actually played this for a while, but I did play it a lot for a few weeks when I first got my iPad. Boats enter the screen, and you have to get them to the harbour without injury - and then back off the screen. The game is so simple to understand that it is ridiculous, but also extremely playable. You can't lose your consentration for long before two boats collide and you've lost. The game takes full advantage of the touch screen technology, of course.
Det er en stund siden jeg har spilt dette nå, men jeg spilte det

5. Snooker Club
I love snooker (as a TV sport) and think this game is actually very entertaining, although the players are scantlily clad girls instead of suit-wearing guys. After the last update, the game doesn't even freeze as before...

6. Shredder
Everyone needs a good chess program. I'm not a grandmaster, and therefore I like the fact that you can start on a moderate level and let the software improve its play as it goes along. (Or stay on a moderate level, possibly...) At the same time I know that the game can play as good chess as I could possibly wish for. The problem solving part of the program is not as good, and Shredder is not for free. But well worth the money anyway.

7. Trainyard EX
A cool puzzle, where you have to lay the track on the board to make sure that the trains will end up where they should. It may sound simple, but the difficulty increases rapidly.

8. Slice It!
Almost a "mathematics game". You have to divide a given figure in a given number of equally sized parts with a given number of lines. It's easy to begin with, but gets progressively harder, especially when additional rules are added.

9. AgeOfCurling
Curling is a tiny sport but still fascinating. I'm not sure this game is really difficult enough in the long run, but at least at the beginning I'm having to work to win the games. Cool. (Can also be played directly in your browser:

10. Angry Birds
I've never really had a crush on Angry Birds, but it's rather okay anyway...

Also check out:

  • Doodle Bowling - simple and addictive bowling for the iPad. e
  • Air Hockey - a classic in all its simplicity.
  • Sudoku Tablet. KakuroLite, KENKEN Lite - good Sudoku-, Kakuro- and KenKen-games.
  • Set Pro HD - a bit expensive and very demanding logical game, but also fascinating.
  • Tap The Frog - something entirely different. This is a game of speed. You simply have to push the screen as quickly as possible. Simple but interesting.
  • Parking HD - do you love to park cars but can't do it as often as you'd like to? Here's your chance. Quite funny, actually.
  • SwipeSoccer - something else than ordinary soccer games. Quite okay.

Of course there are a million other cool games out there as well. I'd love input on good games which I should test! The kinds of games I like, you can see from the list above, I guess.

But there are also some games I'd really like to have, but which doesn't exist (yet), as far as I know. Here's my wishlist:

  • Railroad Tycoon for iPad. Of course I'm referring to Sid Meyer's original game where you start a railroad company and wants to dominate the continent.
  • Great Britain Ltd for iPad. Preferably a bit more advanced than the ZX Spectrum classic where you run Great Britain's economy but tend to be thrown out of power after three or four elections...
  • A good tennis game that is actually possible to navigate using the iPad.
  • Pottit for iPad. Probably noone even remembers Pottit for Commodore 64, the game where two players are in control (?) of one pool ball each, and want to get the other player's ball into the holes. I can't remember how many joysticks were distroyed when we played this game, and I have no idea how it should be controlled on an iPad, but I still hope it will surface somewhere... :-)
  • Seterra for iPad. Seterra is a wonderful geography training game which I have used to learn where countries in Africa are placed, for instance. It only exists in a Windows version - I'd love it on my iPad as well.
PS: While I was making the wishlist, I realised I wanted a version of the logic game Sherlock for iPad. I haven't seen this game for years, but luckily I was intelligent enough to do a google search before writing it in my wishlist. It does exist: Sherlock. Så jeg kommer tilbake med info om hvor bra det var...

Which games do you wish existed on the iPad?

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Photo of the week: Oslo Town Hall Beach

Oslo's town hall is a remarkable building, standing between the city and the fjord. The paintings on its walls are of several kinds, including one big wall depicting how a nude beach looks like on a warm and beautiful summer day.